Canada – A Greener Pasture for the Filipinos

It is common for Filipinos to look for greener pastures abroad, and Canada is one of the favorites. Compared to other countries like the US, UK and Australia, getting a working visa in Canada is a lot easier for most Filipinos.

Canada loves its immigrant workers as much as it loves its citizens, according to Ms. Marifel Dungo (Direct hiring process for Filipino – How to get a job in Canada). Many Filipino professionals tend to come to this country for better compensation.

Below are some of the Jobs in Canada for Filipinos in 2014:

  • Nursing – It’s common to see Filipino nurses in Canada.
  • Caregiver jobs – all you have to do is get a TESDA certificate apply via direct hiring process
  • Hotel and restaurant jobs – examples are bartenders, waiter or waitresses, fast food crew, restaurant managers, cashiers, housekeeping staff, etc.
  • Teaching
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Accounting – CPAs, auditors
  • Information Technology
  • Architecture

Here’s a tip to get a job successfully in Canada

The easiest way to get a job in Canada successfully is aim for those jobs under the skilled and low-skilled jobs. They have the most vacancies and are always hiring. Canada only hires foreign workers if there are no Canadian citizens applying for the job openings.

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) has presented Canada’s latest hourly wage for their Temporary Foreign Worker Program. See the article here for more info: How to get LMIA in Canada – Requirements and Procedure)
(Source: Marifel Dungo‘s Direct hiring process for Filipino – How to get a job in Canada Successfully By Marifel Dungo)


Canada – A Greener Pasture for the Filipinos

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